How to Post Documents or Pictures as Attachements

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How to Post Documents or Pictures as Attachements


Post by Bell 407 » Mon Sep 28, 2015 4:42 pm

Site Admin have decided to enable site uploading of attachments although if users can, linking to third party websites is preferred and we encourage this. This is all in the interest of managing the ever important aspect of BANDWIDTH.

So, please note the following regarding attachments:

(1) Documents in Word or PDF format.
(2) Images in gif, jpg, jpeg or png format.

Please note that all file sizes of uploads is limited to 0.5Mb and images must be no bigger than 800 x 800 pixels (rather upload at 799 x 799 to prevent scroll bars). We have also enable Thumbnail Creation of images set to 400 x 400 pixels as this may also be an option for preventing slow page load. We will monitor this aspect and see how it works on the site.

Finally, the total number of attachments per post is set to 5.

In order to make an Attachment, when you create a new post or reply to a post, scroll down to below the text box region and you will see the Attachment tab. Click on that and upload your attachments. You will be given an error message if your attachments do not meet the requirements of the site.

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