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Travel Advisories


Post by howie » Sun Sep 09, 2018 9:07 am

We have just issued a Level 1 Ops Alert for:

icon-strike.png MRZZ/ Costa Rica :

Category: Strike

Costa Rica is preparing for a nationwide strike on Monday, which may last several days. We have spoken with handlers and airports in the country who do not anticipate major impact, but there is potential for fuel to become an issue if they strike, as well as blocked roads to airport. San Jose focal point. Monitor closely if planning ops to MROC, MRLB this coming week.

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Travel Advisories


Post by howie » Mon Sep 10, 2018 1:40 pm

Daily Brief fsb-square.png
Monday, Sep 10, 2018

icon-severe%20wx.png KZZZ

Hurricane Florence is inbound the North Carolina coast, but still 3 days away from any impact. KILM/Wilmington closest to current projections. ETA Thursday. Monitor NOAA NHC for updates. More info

icon-airport.png RJBB
Osaka Japan

A small number of international flights have resumed, following the flooding from Typhoon Jebi on Sep 3. The main terminal and RWY 06R/24L remain closed for drainage work, which is expected to last at least another week. RWY 06L/24R is open for limited ops, PPR required.

icon-airport.png RJCC
Sapporo Japan

The airport reopened on Sep 7, two days after a magnitude-6.7 earthquake struck Japan's northernmost main island. Delays expected for the next few days due to backlog of flights.

icon-airport.png LFLL
Lyon France

The airport is closed until approx 18 local time today, due to a security breach where a police car chase ended on the runway! Inbound flights diverting to LFLS/Grenoble, LFML/Marseilles and LSGG/Geneva. Watch footage of the car chase here.


Hurricane inbound to the eastern Caribbean, Hurricane Isaac will arrive Thursday. Current track towards Barbados. More info

7b4cb274-c530-4b88-9ae6-e55ce6b8376d.png LLLL
Tel Aviv FIR, Israelfox-glasses-icon.png Report: TLV2

The entire Tel Aviv FIR will be closed for 29 hours due to Day of Atonement: from 1200Z on Sep 18 to 1700Z on Sep 19.

e6576dc7-9436-422b-92b2-0207527ddd2c.png ULLI
St Petersburg, Russiafox-glasses-icon.png Report: IEV1

Severe cabotage checks are again in force at ULLI due to renewed customs staff. Two foreign aircraft are reported as arrested for cabotage flights (change of payload on domestic legs).

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Travel Advisories


Post by howie » Fri Sep 21, 2018 1:33 pm

Daily Brief fsb-square.png
Friday, Sep 21, 2018

e11b9f37-034b-46c3-bab2-59f9d7e6f43a.png OSZZ

We have published Note to Members #31 - Eastern Mediterranean Airspace Risk. On Monday a Russian aircraft was misidentified and shot down by Syria. We believe this changes the airspace risk picture significantly. There is a clear risk to civil aircraft operating on airways UL620, UW74, UR18, and UP62. In simple terms, if you find yourself planned overwater east of Cyprus, reconsider your route.

icon-airport.png LIML
Milan Linate Ita

With planned runway and terminal constructions, the airport will be closing from July 27, 2019 until Oct 27, 2019. A large portion of traffic will have to operate through LIMC/Milan Malpensa instead, which already stands as the second busiest airport in Italy. More info.

icon-airport.png NZCH
Christchurch New Zealand

There is an new FBO - GCH Aviation Jet Centre, located at the threshold of RWY02. Hangarage for four G650 size aircraft is available on site. Previously, only basic handling was provided on the main ramp, with crew/pax having to walk/drive across to the public terminal. Operating tip: if you are going to NZQN/Queenstown - which can have weather issues - use NZCH as alternate instead of NZDN/Dunedin or NZNV/Invercargill - CIQ much easier to arrange in Christchurch at short notice for a diversion.

icon-hazard.png OIIX
Tehran ACC Iran

GPS Jamming Tehran FIR, report from OpsGroup member on Sep 17: G650 aircraft overflew Tehran FIR eastbound. While overhead Tehran they experienced the following aircraft fault messages: FMS/GPS Position Monitor Unavailable, ATC ADS B Fail. The messages remained for approximately 20 minutes, and then cleared. Upon arrival destination, a full MX data download was performed and no faults or issues were found or recorded. Assumed GPS jamming.

913eac44-0653-4c6f-a7b6-b67ea9087ea3.png KLGA
New York La Guardia USA

A Presidential TFR means no GA ops are allowed at KLGA for the entire period from 1645 local on Sep 23 until 1100 local on Sep 27. More info.

icon-parking.png ZSSS
Shanghai Hongqiao Chinafox-glasses-icon.png Report: SHA1

China International Import Expo will take place in Shanghai from Nov 5-10. It’s one of the biggest event nationwide this year. Slots any parking may be a problem. Work closely with your handler at both ZSSS and ZSPD to secure parking or hangar as well as permits and slots.

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Internationa lBriefing Tuesday 2nd October Travel Advisories


Post by howie » Wed Oct 03, 2018 7:29 am


ZZZZ/Worldwide If you want to be one of the first to help fix Notams, you should Be a Fox. Fox Command is now including the daily FSB Ops Alerts in OpsFox, meaning that the Fox Map is probably the best place to see what's happening in International Operations right now!


EGBB/Birmingham Weekday night closures are planned throughout Nov and the start of Dec, for runway repairs. Most nights the closures last from 23-06 local time, but check AIP SUP 045/2018 for the specifics.

EZZZ/Europe France, Portugal, Switzerland and MUAC airspace are currently operating a CPDLC white list which only allows aircraft that are known to suffer a lower provider abort (PA) rate to logon. FANS1/A equipped aircraft are not affected unless they're dual-stacked - in which case a manual selection of the FANS system prior to logon should make it possible to avoid the typical not-whitelisted error message "LOGON REJECTED". For more info, and to request to be added to the whitelist, check here.

EPWA/Warsaw From Oct 1-4, the airport will be closed for runway repairs, each night from 0000-0530 local time.

LLBG/Tel Aviv The airport will be closed for runway repairs from 18-23 local time on the following dates: Oct 4, Oct 12, Nov 9, Dec 14, Jan 11, Feb 8, Mar 8.

LFLL/Lyon The fuel refinery strike is now over, and fuel is available again at the airport. Local handlers have told us they don’t expect any more of these strikes in the near future.

LIRP/Pisa The airport reopened and resumed operations on Sep 27, after having been closed since the evening of Sep 25 due to forest fires in the area.

LCZZ/Cyprus Russia has announced it plans to send S-300 missile systems to Syria to bolster their air defence coverage, and also that GPS jamming will be extended in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, further increasing the risk to civil aviation. More info.

LTBA/Istanbul Turkey has published AIC 06/18 which outlines exactly how they plan to transition from LTBA/Istanbul Ataturk to LTFM/Istanbul New Airport, at the end of Oct 2018. Everything you could possibly want to know about the upcoming switch is contained there.

LLBG/Tel Aviv Due to congestion, GA flights will not be allowed to operate to the airport between 17-21 local time on Oct 3 & 4.

UUZZ/Russia New restrictions have been brought in to try to combat cabotage abuse. Operators are now prohibited from making changes to their routing, unless changing their destination to a non-Russian airport. The restrictions are reported to be in effect at UUWW/Moscow Vnukovo and ULLI/St Petersburg airports. More info.

North America

KZZZ/USA A TFR will be in effect for the Fleet Week Air Show each day from Oct 4-7, which will impact ops at KSFO/San Francisco and KOAK/Oakland. Delays of around 30 minutes should be expected.

KSEA/Seattle Delays reported as the long runway 16L/34R is closed for repairs until Dec 10. During this period, the plan is to use 16R/34L for arrivals only, and 16C/34C as the primary departure runway. More info.

TQPF/Anguilla Following damage sustained during Hurricane Irma in Sept 2017, night operations have resumed at the airport. New runway lighting has been installed, and RNP approaches have replaced the previous NDB system. More info.

South America

SCEL/Santiago RWY 17L/35R will be closed from Oct 31 to Dec 20 between 09-20 local time each day. There is a new RWY 18/36 that has been set up on current Taxiway A, and there is a new GNSS approach published for this new runway. You can use the current 17L STARs for RWY 18 during the shutdown.

Africa & Middle East

DNZZ/Nigeria A nationwide strike by labour unions which was affecting ops at the major airports has now been suspended, pending a meeting for negotiations with the government which has been scheduled for Oct 4.

HRYR/Kigali The airport will continue to be closed from 10-15 local time each day until Dec 22, for work to upgrade the runway to CAT II ILS.

ORSU/Sulaymaniyah Turkey has extended its airspace ban on flights going to/from ORSU to Dec 24, citing their ongoing concerns about terrorism in Sulaymaniyah.

OOMS/Muscat The updated daily hours in which GA & Non-schedule flights are NOT allowed to operate are as follows: 0230–0500Z, 0800–1100Z, 1900–2230Z. Overnight parking is still allowed for GA subject to slot approval.


RJZZ/Japan Typhoon Trami is now moving away from Japan, after battering the mainland over the weekend with winds of 100kts. All the major airports are open, although delays expected at RJBB/Osaka today following its closure yesterday due to the storm. More info.

WAFF/Palu Following the 7.4-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit the region on Sep 28, the airport has now reopened for limited ops, although it will be serving disaster relief aircraft as a priority. Around 500m of the 2500m runway has suffered cracks, the worst of the damage at the end of RWY 33. Over 800 people died in the quake, including an air traffic controller who stayed behind to guide the last departing plane to safety. More info.

NZCH/Christchurch There is an new FBO - GCH Aviation Jet Centre, located at the threshold of RWY02. Hangarage for 4 G650 size aircraft is available on site. Previously, only basic handling was provided on the main ramp, with crew/pax having to walk/drive across to the public terminal. Operating tip: if you are going to NZQN/Queenstown - which can have weather issues - use NZCH as alternate instead of NZDN or NZNV - CIQ much easier to arrange in Christchurch at short notice for a diversion.

VGZZ/Bangladesh From Oct 8, Bangladesh CAA will start charging all foreign aircraft $195 USD to apply for overflight or landing permits. They’ve issued a new AIC 01/2018, which is not live on their AIP website yet, but reads - “The payment is non-refundable, irrespective of the approval or rejection of the permit request”. You must use a Bangladeshi agent to obtain a permit, who will charge you their own extra fee.

VHHH/Hong Kong On Sep 22, Chinese authorities launched the ‘bullet train’ rail link between Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Travel time between the two cities is now approximately only 40 minutes. More info.

PTKK/Chuuk The airport is open and operational despite the crash of an Air Nuigini passenger flight early on Sep 28. The B738 reportedly overshot the runway and sank in a sea lagoon. All passengers were rescued safely by local fishing boats, which went out to the crash site almost immediately.

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For Daily updates - bookmark the News Stream in your Opsgroup Dashboard, or follow the #bulletstream channel in Slack.

Latest onAirport Spy

Once you've checked into the Holiday Inn and got your breakfast voucher, take 5 minutes and tell everyone about what just happened at the airport. Here are this weeks member reports:

SBBR/Brasilia, Brazil "Dreadful Tech Stop" star We used SBBR as a tech step from a domestic airport. Arrived via WELIN 1A ILS RWY 11L. Exited RWY 11L via F-H-Q to Apron 2 / Stand 61. Upon arrival, greeted by Rockwell handler with requested items. Customs was quick, less than 10 minutes. Unfortunately, from there our experience rapidly declined. The flight plan wasn’t filed properly and caused an extensive delay. While solving the flight plan issue, the fuel truck became inoperative having only uplifted half of the requested fuel load. To cap all of this off, the tow bar provided was not adequate for the G550, we had to assemble our own. All told, the tech stop took 1 hour and 45 minutes before airborne once again. Departed RWY 11L via the ESBUX 2A SID.

SBUL/Uberlandia, Brazil "Domestic Only"star Arrived at SBUL from SBGR via direct UL009 after passing KEXIT for the RNAV RWY 22. The Uberlandia controller requested several position reports with reference to radials and DME from ULD. Landed RWY 22 and exited via B to apron 2. The airport is a relatively small domestic airport, no fuel or customs available. There is a small facility located at the nearby maintenance facility. Departed via RWY 04 SIRUL 1B with an unrestricted climb.

SBGR/Sao Paulo, Brazil "Patience Required" starFlew the entire MOXEP 1A arrival to ILS Y RWY 09R. Fueled upon arrival on Apron 12, services were prompt. Handling was provided by Rockwell, Arthur did an excellent job. Given our departure to SBUL, a TECAT form was required for our exiting airport. Unfortunately, on day of departure the TECAT had been closed out and our flight plan filing was denied. Led to an hour delay waiting for the CAA office to open and solve the issue. Once resolved, departed RWY 09L via UKBEV 1C with an unrestricted climb passing GR083.

SKBO/Bogota, Colombia "Busy Arrival" starArrived SKBO from SKRG via the ISVAT2E arrival which was assigned late approaching MQU. Shortly after beginning the arrival we were assigned direct to AMVES for the ILS Z RWY 13R. We were given several speed assignments to aid in spacing as the airspace was congested. Exited RWY 13R via K5 and met the follow me car at N which proceeded to Helistar via N-B-B13. The Helistar taxilane entrance was narrow for a G550, which included a 90-degree taxi turn under the covered apron, wing walkers were provided. Helistar did an excellent job, mostly English-speaking staff. Reserved day rooms at the Marriott Courtyard Airport, very nice property within walking distance of Helistar. Fueling was prompt upon arrival, no customs required given departure airport within Columbia. On departure, the police were over 45 minutes late to arrive for the required aircraft and luggage inspection. They spent approximately 10 minutes on the aircraft opening ever door possible. New departure slot time was received after inspection and we departed RWY 13L via POVSO1U departure.

SKRG/Rio Negro, Colombia "Language Barrier" star Arrived SKRG from the north via RNG2C / ILS Z RWY 01. Exited RWY 01 via E and G to stand 17A. Handling was provided by Rockwell, no private terminal was available. Our handler did not speak English, communicated via iPhone which was adequate. A towbar was required for pushback on departure, we assembled our aircraft tow bar having been told in advance. Departed RWY 01 ISVAT 1A.

LIMF/Torino, Italy "Good option in NW Italy" starARRIVAL: Arrived from the northwest (Geneva) via the VEROB 2A. Kept us at 15000ft until past the mountains, cleared to 6000 then vectored for a left downwind to intercept the ILS Z 36. Good ATC; be prepared for a slam dunk descent. Exited the runway on TWY B; follow me car to parking stand 102. Fueled on arrival, no delay. Potable water and lav servicing available; all servicing done at that stand. Good handling by ESAIR; no paperwork required, short walk through the terminal to street side transportation. Stayed at the Turin Palace hotel; about a 30 minute drive. Nice hotel, gym and restaurant on site, others nearby. DEPARTURE: Van dropped us off at the terminal; no one was there to meet the crew; found ESAIR handling office on the 1st floor and they brought us through a quick security check then out to the aircraft. Aircraft was repositioned to stand 506 prior to our arrival; no push back required.

LPFR/Faro, Portugal "Popular UK resort destination" star Arrival and departure were handled well by ATC. Both assigned STAR and SID was quickly made more direct with some expeditious headings given. Parking stand was given by ground upon landing with follow me car lead in/marshalling. Omni handling was our handler and did an excellent job with both crew and passengers. Process time to go through both customs/immigration was 10 minutes at the airline terminal. Had to change slot time which was no problem. Crew stayed at the Hilton Villamoura which was very nice. Make sure to walk down (30min) to the Marina or take the hotel shuttle. Great tours available there and some nice places to sit, people or boat watch, and enjoy a nice adult beverage.

HEAL/Al Alamain, Egypt "Easy HEAL with ZAS handlers" star Arrived in from the East. Cairo control will not clear any direct routing so you can expect to fly the entire filed FP route, instead of being sent direct 10mn final.From CVO you will be sent to NOZ, BOPED and then back to DBA (Alamain). Plan your descent early as Cairo with often delay due to traffic or any other reason they can think up. Cairo ATC will clear you to FL230 before handing over to Alamein tower, usually between BOPED and DBA. Alamein ATC will restrict you to FL160 until 25nm inbound and then you can expect direct AL372 (right base) for the RNP RW31. Expect a x-wind from the north at 15-20kts ZAS are the only handlers and they have been excellent. H2O, LAV and fuel are all available. Since HEAL is a very quiet airport, all services are waiting and ready on arrival. Very basic and small terminal but since its Egypt, expect plenty of security checks, baggage scans etc. more so on departure when you walk 5m from one x-ray machine to the other, operated by the same 2 guys! Alamein / Marassi is a developing tourist destination so there are 2 hotels available…the Rixos and newly opened Al Amein Hotel, which is excellent. Town is 1 hours drive away. The hotels are very popular over the weekend so booking is essential. Much the same on departure, all services are available and completed quickly with the guys from ZAS conducting the operation. TWR will clear you to FL160 and a turn towards your 1st filed waypoint. If there is military activity then you can expect to climb overhead DBA to FL220 before proceeding on your filed airway. Passing 10’000ft, ATC will ask you to contact CAIRO and call him back when comms established. ZAS provides an excellent service, at both HEAL and HECA.

LEPA/Palma de Mallorca, Spain "Easy Ops with MallorcAir" star Arrived from the East and were cleared to the IAF BAVUM for the ILS 24L. Roll out to the end of the runway and vacate right where the follow me was waiting for us. A very busy and congested ramp but good guidance and wing-walkers. Used MallorcAir for handling, who were on the stand when we arrived. The pax transport is basic but was waiting for a short ride to the terminal. All services were completed promptly. Very quickly through the private terminal, no immigration or security delays. Stayed at the Castillo Son Vida Hotel which is about 15mins from the airport. Excellent hotel with spacious and comfy rooms. 3 restaurant options and great views from the large patio…great for post flight beer. There are 3 golf courses in the area, which can be booked through the hotel and a shuttle arrives every 30mins to transport you to and from your selected course. Again on departure the service was seamless, despite MallorcAir being very busy. Slots on departure are not an issue and the Ops guys will keep an eye on it and delay when necessary. Baggage will arrive before the pax on request and pax transport is allowed to the aircraft for departures. Afternoon departures are usually of RW24R which is 10mins taxi. Hope we go back soon.

SKBO, Bogota, Colombia "A short stay in Bogota" star Arrival from the north was the ISVAT2E then entering the arrival we were cleared direct to AMVES and cleared for ILS13L Y. Airport didn’t seem very busy on our arrival at around 6pm local. Turned off at A6 then A to B13. (B13 is unmarked) then continued SE to B15 at Aerosupport. B15 is marked on the ramp side but not the taxiway side! But we’ve been before and we could see the marshaller at B15. There is a hangar very close to the taxiway which makes it challenging for parking. They did have wing walkers, but the ramp is very tight. Especially when other aircraft are parked on the ramp. New requirement has anti narcotics come with dogs for arrival and departure. Dog comes onboard and sniffs in every drawer while officer takes pictures. Also outside opening all panels and checking. Takes about 30 minutes. On this trip they didn’t bring the dog onboard, but they did check all the bags on arrival and departure on the ramp. The officer inspecting the inside on arrival and departure inspected just about every panel and door they could open. He even opened up the bedding in the the baggage compartment to inspect. Columbia also requires an APIS filing which the handler is able to submit. Departure slot is valid -20/+15. We called for clearance when we had all pax onboard 15 minutes early. It took almost 30 minutes of waiting to get our clearance before they would let us taxi out. We needed to use our #1 radio which has the antenna on top to hear the controller from the ramp. The ramp is surrounded by buildings. Then they had to tow us into position for engine start at B15.Departure OSUSU1R GIKPU from 13L B,B13,A,13L Aerosupport does a great job and kept us informed throughout the entire process with immigration and inspections. JW Marriott is about a 45 minute drive from airport. Nice hotel and good location. Take the tram up the mountain for a great view of the city.

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