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Super Constellation


Post by Propnut » Thu Jun 19, 2014 11:24 am

Now I have been quiet for a while, lets call it a C-Check.  In the background however I have been keeping up to date with the latest releases of X-Plane.  Any scenery (local scenery is lekker) that has caught my eye has also ended up in my download section.  There have been quite a few aircraft over the past months that also caught my attention.

In FSX a really good quality Lockheed L-749 Constellation was released in December 2009.  This aircraft had fully functional superchargers that made your flight a handful.  If ever there was a need for a right hand seat "buddy" it was needed for this aircraft. 

Recently on X-Plane a L-1049G-Lufthansa Super Constellation was released, so I added this aircraft to my hanger.  I have always been a propeller person and steam gauges bring back an era of flying that still sparkles of romance.  The Constellation oozes all of this.

I used Cape Town as a starting point as a long runway is a safety factor when testing an aircraft for the first time.  so here is what you are presented with when looking forward.


The aircraft was a pleasure to fly in really calm conditions, so I headed up the coast towards Saldanah.  The take-off roll was long, but the aircraft flew itself off the ground, leaving plenty of time to raise the gear and clean up the flaps.  Soon 150k indicated and 500 feet/min steadied into a graceful climb.  Setting the mixture, prop and throttle gave an indicated 200k climb.  Once leveled off at 5,000' the mixture, prop and throttle adjusted again gave a respectable 230k indicated cruise.

Turning back to Cape Town in a slow left hand turn showed no drop in altitude, a pleasure indeed.  Approaching the mountain, I took another snap.


And then crossing over the Mother City I could not resist another snap.


Reading the ATIS I decided to land on Rwy01 with a 3 knot tail wind.  the trip down False Bay towards Simonstown was poetry in motion.  Dropping down to 2,500' in the left turn to pick up the FACT ILS for Rwy01 left me with a 15nm long final.  Gear down at 150k started to bleed the speed off.  The slight rise when selecting Flaps 1 was expected and when the aircraft settled into the glide slope I selected Flaps 2 for the approach.  With 110k indicated the main gear touched down.  Welcome to Cape Town.

Now time to sit back with a hot cup of tea and plan where to take the Cessna 170B out for a test flight.  This Cessna is another of those tail-draggers that paved the way in the early days of the Alaskan bush pilots adventures.  So I should head out to Fairbanks later today.


Still trying to catch the gravy train.

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Re: Super Constellation


Post by Raffles » Thu Jun 19, 2014 11:36 am

Some modern instruments on the plane there  :burner: :burner: :burner:

Anyway it looks good. As you know my laptop doesn't do X-Plane well so I will have to wait until back home. Then only if we gonna be there for a while, because everything is dismantled and packed away.

Hindsight is what you see from the tail gunner's position. :D

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