FR24 Successfully Testing Satellite-based ADS-B Tracking

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FR24 Successfully Testing Satellite-based ADS-B Tracking


Post by Bell 407 » Fri Jul 01, 2016 4:23 pm

FR24 Successfully Testing Satellite-based ADS-B Tracking

We’re excited to announce we have just completed our first space-based ADS-B flight tracking test in cooperation with GomSpace. Using the GOMX-3 satellite we collected ADS-B data from flights transiting the Atlantic Ocean outside our terrestrial coverage area and integrated that data into the Flightradar24 network, a first for any commercial flight tracking service.

This successful test is the first step towards integrating satellite-collected ADS-B data into our network and brings us closer to our goal of global ADS-B coverage. We collected data via the GOMX-3 nano-satellite, a collaboration between GomSpace and the European Space Agency launched in October 2015. Data collected by the satellite was transmitted to a ground receiver and processed before being combined with schedule and route information, and displayed on Flightradar24.

The GOMX-3 satellite orbits the earth approximately every 90 minutes at a speed of 27440 kilometers per hour, giving us a small window to capture data and download it from the satellite as it transits from southwest to northeast across the Atlantic Ocean.

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