GDs Fun Flights - Europe 2017

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GDs Fun Flights - Europe 2017


Postby great dane » Thu Jun 08, 2017 12:51 pm

Oi, Europe visit in September, not really fun flights, but as I will do some detours to get on the right types it sort of counts.

Still sorting out the inter-euro itinerary, but quite happy to get two new types for me both on the way there and back (if no nasty plane changes).

Will be hunting some more types a haven't flown on, won't get them all but looking for Bombardier CS300, Sukhoi SSJ, Dornier 328JET, ATR72-600, Bombardier CRJ1000 and (crossing fingers) the mighty Lisunov Li-2 :wacko:

So far the easy bit is sorted, surprised to get JNB-ZRH-VIE on Swiss and GVA-FRA-JNB on Lufthansa at just R8K :Like:

Booked so far . . .

Wednesday 6 September 2017
LX289 Jo'burg(JNB) - Zurich(ZRH) Airbus A340-300 Swiss (my first Swiss A340, and with the -300 being a dying type, not too bad :timeup: )
Thursday 7 September 2017
LX1576 Zurich(ZRH) - Vienna(VIE) Bombardier CS100 Swiss (1st new type of the trip, and my first Bombardier C-series flight :cool1: )
OS359 Vienna(VIE) - Brussels(BRU) Embraer 195 Austrian (2nd new type, well the E195 has got its own ICAO code so it counts :Like: )
SN2307 Brussels(BRU) - Stockholm Bromma(BMA) Suhkoi SSJ Brussels Airlines (3rd new type and one of the target of the trip :dance:

Tuesday 3 October 2017
LH1223 Geneva(GVA) - Frankfurt(FRA) Airbus A319 Lufthansa (yawn :negative: )
LH572 Frankfurt(FRA) - Jo'burg(JNB) Boeing 747-8i Lufthansa (4th new type of the trip on what is likely to be the last of the Jumbos :dance: )

/M :bye1:

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Re: GDs Fun Flights - Europe 2017


Postby Bell 407 » Thu Jun 08, 2017 4:15 pm

GD, this looks like an awesome trip. Some of those new types look very interesting. But hey, great return cost on your flight ticket :cent:

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Re: GDs Fun Flights - Europe 2017


Postby gear up » Fri Jun 09, 2017 4:20 am

Really looking forward to this trip report and the pics.. looks like a great itinerary :good: :champion: :beer3:
Dylan Cunha

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