RAF jets intercept Latvian cargo plane over Kent

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RAF jets intercept Latvian cargo plane over Kent


Post by Richard Cranium » Wed Oct 29, 2014 11:30 pm

RAF jets intercept Latvian cargo plane over Kent

The RAF pilot can be heard warning the plane that if it did not respond immediately to orders, it would be shot down]

Two RAF jets scrambled to intercept a Latvian cargo plane created a sonic boom over Kent.

The Russian-made aircraft lost contact with air traffic controllers and was escorted to Stansted Airport by the pair of Typhoons.

Kent Police received several calls reporting a loud bang coming from the Dartford area at about 16:40 GMT.

An airport spokesman said police officers surrounded the aircraft after it landed at 17:15.

A blast was felt across the county, according to posts on Twitter.

The airport spokesman said surrounding the plane was standard procedure when communication had been lost with an aircraft.

He said officers were later stood down and the plane was continuing its journey.

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