About Us

Our Mission
To provide our members with an informative, topical and social aviation forum.

International Flyerz was started in February 2012 as a small forum with just a few members situated around the African continent and the world. It provided us with a means of keeping in contact and sharing our aviation experiences, knowledge and pictures. The platform that was used was a free hosting site which initially suited our needs. As the forum began to expand over the years we realised that we needed our own website with reliable forum software that was user friendly and stable.

In July 2015 International Flyerz was revamped with the help of "Code Man" and "Bell 407" to the phpBB platform that we are using today. The forum has moved to a reliable server with the most stable forum software available and we can proudly say that our aviation forum has not experienced any outages following these changes.

Who Are We?
Just like you, we are aviation enthusiasts. Our admin team consists of fixed wing and rotor wing pilots as well as IT specialists to ensure that the site keeps up its high standards of delivery to our members.

Moertoe Pilut
Is an Airline Transport Pilot with close to 9,000 hours and is rated on various types including B727, B737-200 and DC-8.

Is an Airline Transport Pilot with over 10,000 hours and is rated on various types including the B727.

Bell 407
Is a Private Pilot rated on Robinson R22 and R44 and the Bell 407 types and is responsible for the forum design and looks.

Code Man
Is an IT specialist who has created numerous well know websites and provides this site with all the necessary back-end support.

We look forward to welcoming all members to our forum and hope you will find this a place of like-minded professionals and aviation enthusiasts.